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FSR Climate is pleased to announce its 6th FSR Climate Annual Conference to take place online on 26-27 November 2020. The conference will cover the main climate-related existing policies, at EU, national and sub-national levels and will include sessions on Energy efficiencyRenewable policies, Environmental taxation, and Emissions trading.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the FSR Climate Annual Conference will be held online.

Keynote Lecture

  • Paul EKINS (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources): Innovation and the Low-Carbon Transition: Insights from INNOPATHS 



Guest Speakers

  • Renewable policies – Katheline SCHUBERT (Paris School of Economics): Critical raw materials for the energy transition | Watch the recording
  • Energy efficiency –  Anna ALBERINI (University of Maryland): Drive Less, Drive Better, or Both? Behavioral Adjustments to Fuel Price Changes in Germany | Watch the recording
  • Emissions trading – Grischa PERINO (University of Hamburg): The EU ETS is not fit for purpose: Why a new design of the MSR is urgently needed  | Watch the recording
  • Environmental taxation – Linus MATTAUCH (University of Oxford): Building public support for environmental taxes beyond carbon | Watch the recording

Conclusion and Highlights

  • Simone BORGHESI, Director of FSR Climate, Chair of the Conference



List of the presented papers

Renewable energy

Energy Efficiency

Emissions Trading

Environmental Taxation


The FSR Climate Annual Conference 2020 is organised with the support of EAERE.


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Img speaker
Paul Ekins
UCL (Institute for Sustainable Resources)


Img speaker
Anna Alberini
University of Maryland
Img speaker
Grischa Perino
University of Hamburg
Img speaker
Katheline Schubert
Paris School of Economics
Img speaker
Linus Mattauch
University of Oxford


Advancing Climate Justice: integrating fairness into policy and practice
Advancing Climate Justice: integrating fairness into policy and practice

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