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The intermodality of transport, which enables national transport networks as well as different modes of transport to be integrated, is promoted and implemented at the European regulatory level. Several examples of daily life show that both passengers and freight engage in journeys through the interaction of different transport modes. Trans-European networks also aim to improve the intermodality of transport, stimulating investment in order to foster the emergence of an integrated network. FSR Transport aims to contribute to the on-going analysis of the challenges faced by integrated transport to be competitive, effective and sustainable. 

Florence Intermodal Forums 

The Florence Intermodal Forums are directed at discussing various aspects of integrated transport, each time underlying the interaction among different modes of transport. The 1st Forum (December 2012) was dedicated to cross modal regulation in urban mobility systems. The 2nd Forum (March 2014) focused on the competition vs. complementarity between high-speed rail and low-cost air. At the 3rd Florence Intermodal Forum, which took place on March 9th 2015, we discussed the case of Mobility-as-a-Service.

Read more about the 4th Florence Intermodal Forum, which took place on February 29th 2016. Participants discussed how to achieve a level inter-modal playing field within the context of digitalisation.


Papers from the FSR Transport workshops and all presentations from the events are available online


Over the years, stakeholders and administrators as well as knowledgeable academics have attended Florence Intermodal Forums to share their experiences. The intermodal events’ various topics bring prominent experts in different fields to Florence ( click here to download the full list of speakers ).

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5th Florence Intermodal Forum



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