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Join us for the second instalment of the FSR Insights series’ quarterly theme “Securing Europe’s Energy Future”

Kian Mintz-Woo from University College Cork will present insights from his co-authored paper, which explores a proposed justice framework to address the complex implications of climate change and decarbonization.

The discussion will address key aspects such as the distribution of responsibilities among nations, the role of ethical considerations in policy-making, and practical approaches to implementing fair climate actions. The study emphasizes the need for deeper integration of these principles into climate scenario research to better inform policy-making and ensure fairer outcomes in tackling global climate challenges. Dr. Mintz-Woo will provide concrete examples to illustrate how fairness can be incorporated into climate policies to ensure both effectiveness and equity.

Philippe Delacote from INRAE and Jacopo Cammeo from FSR will provide their insights and critiques, enriching the conversation with diverse perspectives. Moderated by Marzia Sesini and Nicolò Rossetto from FSR, the session will invite audience participation, encouraging an engaging and thought-provoking dialogue.

Keynote Speaker

Kian Mintz-Woo | University College Cork


Philippe Delacote | INRAE

Jacopo Cammeo | FSR


Marzia Sesini | FSR

Nicolò Rossetto | FSR

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Scientific organiser
Marzia Sesini


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