Linking Emissions Trading Systems


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In the context of the Paris Climate Agreement, there is today a strong need for enhanced international cooperation fostering emissions trading around the world. Based on the research of the project called LIFE DICET – Deepening International Cooperation for Emissions Trading*, this training will provide a better understanding of the regulation of carbon markets and the implications for their possible integration.

The Linking Emissions Trading Systems online course combines scientific and policy expertise to learn about the relevance and challenges of linking emissions trading systems (ETSs). The objective of this 4-week online course (31 January-27 February 2022) is to translate into practical learning the issues discussed in the Carbon Market Policy Dialogue of the LIFE DICET project and to bring them to a wider audience.

The participants in the training will gain knowledge about the theory of ETS linking as well as on the state-of-play of existing ETSs. Special attention will be devoted to the six ETSs represented in the Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (those of California, Quebec, EU, Switzerland, China and New Zealand) and to the implications of differences in use of offsets and in measures to prevent carbon leakage for ETS linking. In addition, participants will be able to learn more about what policy reforms and governance mechanisms can facilitate carbon market integration.

Each week of the training includes recommended readings, quizzes, forum discussions, and a live class at the end. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other and with the instructors.

*LIFE DICET is a project co-financed by the EU LIFE Programme of the European Commission.

Course director
Simone Borghesi
  • Dates
    31 Jan 2022 - 27 Feb 2022
  • Level
  • Type
  • Workload
    5 hours/week
  • Register by
    15 Dec 2021

Monday 31 January 12:00 CET: Welcome Live Class

Week 1 (31 January – 6 February): Linking Emissions Trading Systems: theory and state-of-play
Friday 4 Feb 12:00 CET: Live Class with Stefano De Clara from the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), accompanied by Simone Borghesi, Director of FSR Climate

Week 2 (7 February – 13 February): ETSs with different measures for carbon leakage prevention: implications for linking
Friday 11 Feb 12:00 CET: Live Class with Susanne Droege from Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), accompanied by Stefano Verde, Assistant Professor at the University of Siena

Week 3 (14 February – 20 February): ETSs with different offsets provisions: implications for linking
Friday 18 Feb 12:00 CET: Live Class with Suzi Kerr from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), accompanied by Giulio Galdi, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Trento

Week 4 (21 February – 27 February): ETS Alignment: possible reforms for carbon market integration
Friday 25 Feb 12:00 CET: Live class with Michael Mehling from MIT CEEPR, accompanied by Baran Doda, External Collaborator at FSR Climate and Head of Programme Carbon Markets and Pricing at, adelphi

Learning outcomes
  • This course will help you to:
    Master the concept of linking ETSs, including the theory and state-of-play of existing ETSs;
  • Understand how differences in measures to prevent carbon leakage can affect carbon market integration;
  • Assess the implications of different use of offsets for ETS linking;
  • Review what aspects of the design and reforms of an ETS can be considered to facilitate ETS Alignment and carbon market integration;
  • Gather insights on how policymakers and stakeholders position themselves with regard to international carbon market cooperation.
Target audience

The course is given in English and developed for: 

  • European and non-European policymakers
  • Officials working in international organisations
  • NGOs
  • Business executives
  • Researchers and scholars.

At the end of the course, participants can earn a Certificate of Attendance, a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Excellence, depending of their performance and engagement throughout the course.


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