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Electricity | Policy Brief
27 April 2021
In this Policy Brief, we will tackle two questions: i) what potential does hydrogen (H2) have for our 2030 and 2050 economics, and ii) which are the production technologies and [...]
Transport | Technical Report
14 April 2021
This special issue of Network Industries Quarterly is dedicated to the greening of infrastructure assets. Despite the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission has reaffirmed [...]
Electricity | Technical Report
09 April 2021
This deliverable consists of an introduction and two main parts. Each part consists of two sections:Data exchange and interoperability and Demand-side flexibility. The two main topics of this interim deliverable, [...]
Valerie Reif, Athir Nouicer, Tim Schittekatte, DESCHAMPS Vincent Nicolas Alain, Leonardo Meeus
Electricity | Working Paper
07 April 2021
The digitalization of the electricity infrastructure is transforming the power industry and enabling its decarbonization and decentralization. In the electricity sector, digitalization is not a novelty but a process that [...]
Electricity | Working Paper
06 April 2021
The assumption that electricity consumers have no alternative but the grid for their electricity needs is currently being challenged by affordable Behind-The-Meter (BTM) technologies such as distributed PV systems and [...]
HENDAM Mohamed, Tim Schittekatte, ABDEL-RAHMAN Mohamed, ZAKARIA KAMH Mohamed
Energy | Working Paper
19 March 2021
European Energy Policy is changing and multifold. It would be better to say that EU had six very different policies for energy since 1980. I will look deeper at only [...]
Climate | Article
19 March 2021
Environment and development economics, 2021, OnlineFirst
This paper analyses the role that companion policies have had in the reduction of emissions regulated by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the related policy interactions, with [...]
Gas | Policy Brief
19 March 2021
The largest share of methane emissions footprint from EU gas consumption is estimated to come from upstream emissions in countries supplying gas to the EU. A methane performance standard on [...]
Electricity | Policy Brief
16 March 2021
The legislative results of the Commission’s Sustainable Finance Initiative will play an increasingly important role on investment decisions in the energy sector. The Taxonomy Regulation, adopted last June, provides that [...]
Electricity | Working Paper
15 March 2021
The threat of climate change, significant growth in the number of prosumers and local energy generation, and the development of new technologies enabling new business models are all contributing to [...]

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