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Climate | Technical Report
02 April 2020
The present report is chronologically the first output of the project LIFE DICET – Deepening International Cooperation on Emissions Trading ( LIFE DICET supports EU and Member State policymakers in [...]
Giulio Galdi, Stefano Verde, Isabella Alloisio, Simone Borghesi, FÜSSLER Jürg, JAMIESON Ted, SCHÄPPI Bettina, WIMBERGER Emily, ZHOU Li
Gas | Policy Brief
02 April 2020
Highlights: - The European Green Deal envisages an important role for gas in the energy transition. To follow this pathway, the gas value chain should be more oriented towards sustainability. [...]
Energy Union Law | Article
31 March 2020
Oil, gas & energy law intelligence, 2019, Vol. 17, No. 5 "Natural Gas Pipeline Construction and Regulation", OnlineFirst
With its judgment of 10 September 2019, the General Court (the “Court”) annulled an earlier 2 Commission decision to modify the exemption regime for the OPAL pipeline. The Court based [...]
Transport | Policy Brief
20 March 2020
Improving Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance is the main goal of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative. The EU’s SES legislation has introduced a performance scheme, which defines performance targets [...]
Transport | Technical Report
18 March 2020
This issue of Network Industries Quarterly is devoted to water utilities, their governance and their performance. With growing urbanization, pollution and water stress, utilities are ever more challenged to provide [...]
Energy Union Law | Technical Report
06 March 2020
The EU network codes and guidelines for electricity, first introduced in the third energy package, are designed to enable the implementation of an EU internal electricity market. This text is [...]
Leigh Hancher, Anne Marie Kehoe, RUMPF Julius
Climate | Article
05 March 2020
Energy economics, Vol. 75, pp. 602-635
In this work, we investigate which countries have been more central during Phases I and II of the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) with respect to the different types [...]
Simone Borghesi, FLORI Andrea
Gas | Policy Brief
02 March 2020
The role of gas in the future of the EU energy sector has been one of the most debated topics in the last few years. As natural gas (NG) makes [...]
Comms & Media | Working Paper
27 February 2020
A consensus is emerging around the world about the need for policymakers to address certain characteristics and competitive tendencies that are generated by digital platforms or digital ecosystems, with a [...]
ALEXIADIS Peter, Alexandre De Streel
Electricity | Article
26 February 2020
Energy economics, 2020, Vol. 86, Art. 104708, OnlineOnly
Electricity markets with high installed capacities of Variable Renewable Energy Sources (VRES) experience periods of supply and demand mismatch, resulting in near-zero and even negative prices, or energy spilling due [...]
ROACH Martin, Leonardo Meeus

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