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FSR Climate is delighted to announce its first international conference on Ex-Post Evaluation of Emission Trading to be held online on Tuesday 20 June 2023. The conference is organised under the framework of the project LIFE COASE – Collaborative Observatory for ASsessment of the EU ETS.  

With the global race to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, the EU is committed to sharing its experience with the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and learning from other jurisdictions. LIFE COASE was created in response to the growing need for assessing the performance of ETSs and strengthening international cooperation on emissions trading. The project aims to support EU and national policymakers in the implementation and development of the EU ETS, including its integration with other carbon markets. It will establish the first observatory for the EU ETS assessment by providing new data and tools for ETS monitoring. 

In this context, the EUI will host its first academic conference in the series on 20 June 2023. The conference aims to identify the latest policy-relevant studies on ex-post assessments of emissions trading. Among the main topics, carbon leakage, competitiveness, and distributional effects of the EU and other major ETSs are of particular interest for this edition. The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss their research with fellow academics, stakeholders, experts, and policymakers. In addition to the academic sessions, the Conference will also comprise a Keynote Lecture and a Policy Roundtable. 

Registration for the online event is possible here. 

Draft Programme: 

09:30-09:35 Welcome 

09:35-10:25 Keynote Lecture “The distributional impacts of market-based climate policy: State of knowledge and future directions for research”

  • Michael Jakob, MCC Berlin

Coffee break

10:35-12:55 Session “Competitiveness and Carbon Leakage”

  • Huajin Wang (Renmin University of China) – Heterogeneous Responses to Carbon Pricing: Firm-level Evidence from Beijing Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Leon Bremer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) – Competitiveness and investments under emissions trading
  • Aliénor Cameron (Université Paris-Nanterre & EconomiX-CNRS) – Is industrial decarbonization at odds with competitiveness? An assessment of competition dynamics in two EU heavy industries
  • Johanna Arlinghaus (MCC Berlin) – Carbon pricing and credit reallocation

Lunch break

13:45-15:00 Policy Roundtable “Carbon leakage: (how) can we effectively prevent that risk?”

  • Wilfred Feng, Dentons
  • Arjan Trinks, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
  • Theresa Wildgrube, Adelphi
  • Aude Pommeret, Université Savoie Mont Blanc

Coffee break

15:10-17:30 Session “Social impacts and acceptability of emission trading”

  • Adrien Fabre(CIRED) – International Attitudes Toward Global Policies
  • Franziska Funke (PIK Climate/TU Berlin) – Prices vs. Quantities from a Citizen’s Perspective: Does the European Public Perceive Carbon Taxes and ETS differently?
  • Marianna Sobkiewicz (WiseEuropa) – Evaluation of the impact of the EU ETS revenues and derogation under Article 10c on investment and infrastructure in Poland
  • Ghassane Benmir (London School of Economics) – Weitzman Meets Taylor: ETS Futures Drivers and Carbon Cap Rules

17:30-17:35 Conclusions


Call for papers (closed):

The committee welcomes economic and interdisciplinary research from various perspectives and topics on Ex-Post Evaluations of Emissions Trading. This year, we warmly invite the submission of papers focusing on: 

  • The distributional impacts of carbon pricing;
  • Social acceptability of ETSs;
  • Carbon leakage and international competitiveness;
  • Carbon border adjustment mechanisms.


Submission Guidelines:

Papers should be submitted by 23 April 2023 to LIFECOASE@eui.eu

For any questions related to the International Conference on Ex-Post Evaluation of Emission Trading, please contact LIFECOASE@eui.eu.


Important Dates: 

  • Submission Deadline: 23 April 2023
  • Notification of Acceptance: 15 May 2023
  • Conference Date: 20 June 2023 (online)



The conference is organised with the support of EAERE.


LIFE COASE is a project of the European University Institute co-financed by the EU LIFE Programme of the European Commission. 

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