Energy & Climate TEAM

Name Position Area  
Leonardo MeeusFSR Director, Loyola de Palacio ChairEnergy
Simone BorghesiFSR Climate DirectorClimate, Energy
Alberto PototschnigDeputy Director, World of PracticeEnergy
Ilaria ContiHead of the Gas AreaEnergy, Gas
Leigh HancherPart-time professorEnergy, Energy Union Law
Jacopo CammeoClimate AdvisorClimate, Energy
Jean-Michel GlachantPart-time ProfessorEnergy
Ignacio Pérez-ArriagaPart-time ProfessorEnergy, FSR Global
Ashwitha Ramesh TungaResearch AssociateEnergy, FSR Global
Alessia CasamassimaResearch AssociateClimate, Energy
Marie RaudeResearch AssociateClimate, Energy
Lea HeinrichProject AssociateClimate, Energy
Parul BakshiResearch AssociateEnergy, FSR Global
Baptiste AlfanoAdministrative StaffEnergy
Gianluca DolfiProject Associate - MultimediaEnergy
Marina CascellaProject AssociateEnergy
Pippo RanciPrincipal AdvisorEnergy
Christopher JonesPart-time ProfessorEnergy
Fabien RoquesPart-time ProfessorEnergy
Thomas-Olivier LéautierPart-time ProfessorEnergy
Jorge VasconcelosPart-time ProfessorEnergy
Ian Maxwell DevineProject ManagerClimate, Energy, Energy Union Law, Transport, Water
Andris PiebalgsPart-time ProfessorEnergy, Gas
Carlos BatllePart-time ProfessorEnergy
Adrien de HauteclocquePart-time ProfessorEnergy
Albert FerrariResearch AssociateClimate, Energy
James KneeboneResearch AssociateEnergy
Claudia CarellaProject Associate - Online SchoolEnergy
Lucila de AlmeidaPart-time Assistant ProfessorEnergy
Valerie ReifResearch AssociateEnergy
Antonio PistilliWeb DeveloperEnergy
Baran DodaClimate AdvisorClimate, Energy
Drazen NenadicProject Associate - MultimediaEnergy
Swetha RaviKumarHead of FSR GlobalEnergy, FSR Global
Nicolò RossettoResearch FellowEnergy
Tim SchittekattePart-time Assistant ProfessorEnergy
Daniela BernardoOnline Training Officer - Online School CoordinatorEnergy
Chiara CanestriniOnline Training Officer - CommunicationsEnergy
Elena BondesanProject AssociateEnergy
Sergio AscariPart-time ProfessorEnergy
Stefano VerdeClimate AdvisorClimate, Energy
Elena IorioAdministrative StaffEnergy
Christine LyonAdministrative StaffEnergy, Transport, Water
Ghazi MabroukProject AssociateEnergy
Sofia NicolaiResearch AssistantEnergy
Daniele StampatoriResearch AssistantEnergy

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