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Ilaria Conti is the FSR Coordinator of Strategy and Development.

Her main fields of expertise concern EU institutional relations and EU electricity and gas regulation.

She spent about 9 years in Brussels, working for the the Permanent Representation of Italy at the EU, the United Nations and, from 2005 until 2013, for EFET, the “European Federation of Energy Traders” covering various positions within the association. She has been EFET Communications Director and Policy Advisor for the EFET Gas Committee, Task Force Iberia, Task Force CEE and the EFET Board.

In 2008 she founded EFET Italy, which she led until 2013. Representing EFET, Ilaria actively took part in the consultative processes with the EU Institutions – leading to the development of major EU regulations and Directives such as the Third Energy Package, the RES Directive, EMIR, REMIT, Security of Supply regulation. At the same time, she contributed to the implementation process of EU energy regulation in several EU countries, by facilitating the exchange of best practices and engaging in a continuous dialogue between the energy industry and national authorities such as Ministries, national TSOs, NRAs. Before joining FSR, she worked from 2013 until 2015 for ENOI S.P.A., where she covered the new role of Institutional and Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Ilaria joined FSR in 2015 as Energy Policy Deputy and in 2017 she was appointed Head of the new FSR Gas area.

She has been the Managing Editor of the IAEE publication “Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy” until 2016 and participates as a member of the Advisory Panel for the CEER study on “Future role of gas from a regulatory perspective”.

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Ilaria Conti appointed as Vice-Chair of the UNECE Group of Experts on Gas
Ilaria Conti appointed as Vice-Chair of the UNECE Group of Experts on Gas

The FSR proudly announces the appointment of Ilaria Conti, Head of Gas and Hydrogen, as Vice-Chair of the Group of Experts…

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