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FSR Climate is pleased to announce its 8th Annual Conference on the Economic Assessment of European Climate Policies to take place online on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 December 2022.

The conference will cover the main climate-related existing policies at the EU, national, international and sub-national levels. It will include three sessions on Environmental taxation, Emissions trading, and Energy Transition. In addition, the conference will comprise a keynote speech from Mar REGUANT (Northwestern University), and a policy session focused on the key outcomes of COP27.

The FSR Climate Annual Conference will be held online through Zoom Webinar.

ChairSimone BORGHESI (FSR Climate/EUI & University of Siena)

Thursday 1 December

10:00-12:15 | Session – Environmental taxation
  • Till REQUATE (Kiel University) – Commitment Timing to Environmental Policy and the Adoption of Low-Pollution Technologies: An Experiment [abstract] [slides]
  • Adrien FABRE (CIRED & ETH Zurich) – Fighting Climate Change: International Attitudes Toward Climate Policies [abstract] [slides]
  • Santiago RUBIO (University of Valencia) – Climate Clubs, Border Carbon Adjustment, and Trade Wars [abstract] [slides]
  • Lucy NAGA (Durham University) – Kantian Preferences and Dirty Goods within the Ramsey Model of Optimal Taxation [abstract]
14:15-15:45 | Policy Session on the outcomes of COP27
  • Jos DELBEKE (STG/EUI & KU Leuven)
  • Karen PITTEL (ifo Institute & University of Munich)
  • Jacob WERKSMAN (DG Climate Action)
  • Angela CHURIE KALLHAUGE (Environmental Defense Fund)

More info here.

16:00-17:00 | Keynote Speech
  • Mar REGUANT (Northwestern University) – Successes in the renewable expansion: learning from Spain and Chile  [abstract] [slides]

Friday 2 December

10:00-12:15 | Session – Emissions trading
  • Misato SATO (London School of Economics) – Carbon Leakage, Consumption, and Trade [abstract] [slides]
  • Marie RAUDE (EconomiX) – Firms in the EU ETS: a categorisation based on transaction behaviour [abstract] [slides]
  • Johanna CLUDIUS (Öko-Institut) – An ETS-2 for buildings and road transport: Impacts, vulnerabilities and the role of the Social Climate Fund [abstract] [slides]
  • Michael PAHLE (PIK – Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) – Fit for climate neutrality? The EU carbon market in 2030 and beyond [abstract] [slides]
 14:00-16:15 | Session – Energy transition
  • Pedro LINARES (Comillas Pontifical University) – How much storage do we need for the energy transition?  [abstract] [slides]
  • Thomas DULAK (Université Libre de Bruxelles) – The dog that didn’t bark: the reaction of financial markets to the court ruling in Milieudefensie v. Royal Dutch Shell plc. [abstract]
  • Elena VERDOLINI (EIEE & University of Brescia) – Policy choice, timing and stringency and the direction of innovation [abstract] [slides]
  • David RAPSON (UC Davis & Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) – The Electric Ceiling: Limits & Costs of Full Electrification [abstract] [slides]
 16:15-16:30 | Conclusions

The event is organised by EUI with the support of EAERE.

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