The FSR C&M is carrying out research in the electronic communications and media field. It also regularly open calls for papers finalised to contribute to its Working Paper Series and participates in or conducts specific research commissioned by relevant stakeholders.


Research Project

Innovation and Intellectual Property in the digital age

Scientific Seminars

An annual event that takes place on the last Friday and Saturday of March.  On this occasion, selected papers dealing with electronic communications and media issues are presented following a call for papers. The objective of this seminar is to turn theory into practice.

Working Papers

The FSR C&M publishes academic contributions in its  FSR  C&M Working Paper Series. This is done through regular calls for papers as well as a follow-up of its  Annual Scientific Seminar.

Ad-hoc Studies

The  FSR  C&M also carries out specific studies commissioned by different stakeholders active in the electronic communications and media sector.

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