REMIT and its implementation

3 DAY Residential Course

This FSR-ACER residential course in Florence covers the scope of the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) and the way in which it is implemented.

Mapping the EU framework for wholesale energy market transparency and integrity

In force since 28 December 2011, REMIT is the legislation establishing a sector-specific, directly applicable framework to detect and deter market abusive behaviour in the forms of insider trading and market manipulation, including attempted market manipulation, in respect to European wholesale energy products, including electricity, gas. derivative instruments and infrastructure capacity. It pursues a three-sided aim:

  • to increase trust in the integrity of the gas and electricity markets;
  • to ensure that prices of wholesale energy products reflect a competitive and fair interplay between supply and demand, securing the optimal allocation of resources;
  • to prevent profits resulting from market abuse.

REMIT implementation rests on the complex, multi-layered monitoring and enforcement system involving private actors, such as Persons Professionally Arranging Transactions (PPATs), national authorities, like the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), and European bodies, like the  EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

This FSR-ACER Training Course explores in depth the types of behaviours which REMIT aims at detecting and deterring (i.e., insider trading and market manipulation), the main obligations and prohibitions falling on market participants and other sector stakeholders (e.g., the obligation to disclose inside information) and the way in which national and European entities (NRAs, ACER etc.) cooperate to ensure effective market surveillance.

This course builds on the unique academic knowledge and expertise and practical experience of instructors from the FSR and ACER. Furthermore, representatives from organised marketplaces and financial conduct authorities will share their experiences. Instructors will present case studies to provide course participants with examples from the real world.

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  • Dates
    12 Nov 2024 - 14 Nov 2024
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    Florence, Italy
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    30 Sep 2024

This three-day residential course is held in Florence. Instructors will alternate between lectures, case studies, and group activities to enhance the discussion and improve the learning experience.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise how the definition, prohibition, and obligations outlined in REMIT influence trading practices and other operational processes within market actors.
  • Interpret instances that may constitute market abuse, including forms such as market manipulation and insider trading.
  • Analyse the surveillance methodologies employed by national regulatory authorities and ACER.
  • Identify the modifications implemented in the REMIT framework through the recent Regulation revision.

The course is given in English and developed for:

  • Professionals engaged in the regulation of the energy sector
  • Staff of government agencies and regulatory bodies
  • Staff of energy companies (regulated and unregulated) dealing with regulatory affairs and market surveillance
  • Staff of European and national associations, researchers interested in knowing more about how integrity and transparency is promoted in the EU energy market

The course is intended for staff of regulatory agencies, professionals responsible for the regulatory affairs in companies and other organisations in the energy sector, and anyone interested in acquiring a detailed knowledge of how integrity and transparency is enforced in the EU energy market.

Being a specialised course, participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of the main concepts relevant to REMIT and its implementation. Participants new to the area are encouraged to attend the online workshop “Introduction to Remit” on 29 October 2024, which provides an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the main concepts at the basis of REMIT implementation. Attendance at the workshop is optional for the course participants and is included in the course fee.

Course Activities
  • Q&A
  • Group work activities
  • Case studies

After the course, a certificate of participation will be provided to the participants.

Fees & Cancelation policy


  • General fee: 2,450 EUR
  • Associate donors fee (10%): 2,205 EUR
  • Major donors fee (20%): 1,960 EUR
  • Star donors fee (25%): 1,837 EUR

The course fee includes participation in the Workshop “Introduction to Remit” which will be held online on  29 October 2024.

Cancellation policy

Paid registration fee is non-refundable. However, registrant substitution may be made up to 20 days before the start date of the course.

Logistic Info

Please arrange your travel and accommodation as soon as possible as Florence is very popular in this period.

Please note that the course fee does not cover travel and accommodation costs.

This is a fully residential training course, and classes will be held in Florence on 22-24 October 2024.
By submitting your application, you are committing to pay the corresponding fee.

Event venue
Sala Europa
Villa Schifanoia,
Via Giovanni Boccaccio 121,
I-50133 Firenze – Italy

Local transportation
Villa Schifanoia is easily reachable by taxi from Florence centre or from Fiesole (about 20€) and from Florence Airport (about 35€).

If you prefer public transport (ticket 1,50€ to be bought in official ticket offices, machines and authorised retailers that display the Autolinee Toscane sticker):

  • Take bus number 7 from the main railway station (bus stop: Stazione Nazionale) and get off at the stop ‘San Domenico 01’ (map) From there walk to our main building, Badia Fiesolana (map). Once there, ask the porters to direct you to the internal path connecting our campus (5-minute walk)


  • From the main railway station (bus stop: Stazione Nazionale) take bus n. 1B and get off at the last stop: Boccaccio Cino da Pistoia (map). Then walk up the hill to Villa Schifanoia (map)
In collaboration with


The Learning Approach
Real life cases
Two case studies and one group work
Interactive learning sessions
Lectures focusing on the theoretical concepts complemented by practical aspects.
Reading material
Reading materials to familiarise and dig deeper in the course topics will be provided and Q&A sessions with instructors will be used to clarify doubts
Networking activities
Exchange knowledge and experiences with fellow participants and closely interact with experts in the field
Course Faculty

Any doubt?
Contact your course facilitator

Contact Marina
What Participants say about this course

The course was very insightful, the topics very well chosen and it was a great venue to get to know very interesting people in the same field of expertise.

Participant from the 2023 Edition

I found this program, in which important stakeholders in the sector took part both as participants and trainers, very useful in terms of professional development and networking. Theoretical sessions, case studies and brainstorming blended well and provided a significant contribution in a limited time. I am grateful to FSR team and ACER for this organization.

Participant from the 2023 Edition

A very useful course with the chance to interact and learn from experts in the field of REMIT.

Participant from the 2023 Edition
Course in numbers

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