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Juan José Montero Pascual

Part-time Professor

Juan Montero (PhD Law, EUI) is a Professor of Administrative Law and Economic Regulation in the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) in Madrid. He has been working with FSR Transport since 2016 and was appointed part-time professor in February 2018.

His research is focused on the regulation of network industries, both traditional like railways, telecommunications and posts, and new network industries like digital platforms, and the interaction between them, particularly in transportation.

He has published six books and more than fifty scientific articles on independent regulatory agencies, network access regulation, public service obligations, platform regulation and the sharing economy. He is Associate-Editor in Chief of the Journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, and member of the board of 360 Revista de Alta Velocidad and other journals.

He provides regular advice to carriers and governments on institution building, liberalization and public service schemes.