Annual Training on the Regulation of Energy Utilities

34 WEEK Online & Residential Course

Empowering the next generation of energy regulators

During the Annual Training, you will gain extensive knowledge of the fundamental principles of the regulation of the power and gas sectors through theory and practice, learning from European leaders, former regulators, leading academics and industry specialists and practitioners.

After this nine-month blended course, you will be equipped to take adequate positions on competition, the integration of markets and networks, quality of service, economic efficiency, and security of supply, with the ultimate goal of protecting the interests of consumers and the better integration of market participants and networks into a common European energy market.  

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  • Dates
    05 Oct 2020 - 04 Jun 2021
  • Level
  • Type
    Online & Residential
  • Workload
    4-8 hours/week (online part)
  • Register by
    13 Sep 2020

The Annual Training provides an exclusive program over a nine-month learning period under three major blocks as follows:

  • Block I: 5 – 9 October 2020: Residential training week in Florence. A week-long introductory course in Florence covering in detail the fundamental principles of regulation, markets, networks and the regulatory institutional framework.
  • Block II: 19 October 2020 to 9 May 2021: 15 two-week online modules. A seven-month online course during which energy regulatory principles and case studies are studied together in-depth in a well-structured, flexible e-learning environment that features interactive discussion and virtual activities.
  • Block III: 31 May – 4 June 2021: Residential training week in Florence: In this block, participants return to Florence for a week-long discussion of applied case studies and hands-on individual and group practice. The final day of the Annual Training is devoted to a workshop where top industry specialists are invited to discuss with participants the issue of energy and sustainability.

What you will learn:  

  • The principles of regulatory economics for the regulation of monopolies and competitive activities and the elements required for the proper functioning of competitive markets
  • Regulatory models and the restructuring process of the electricity and gas sectors – detailed view of the institutional structure for energy regulation and policy-making in Europe
  • Different approaches to the regulation of transmission and distribution networks as natural monopolies
  • Regulatory and technological challenges for the widespread inception of retail markets
  • The common challenges that the electricity and gas sector will face towards the completion of the European internal energy market 

The course is given in English and developed for: 

  • Representatives from National Regulatory Authorities 
  • Professionals from the regulatory departments of energy companies such as Transmission System Operators and Distribution companies for electricity or gas, power generators or gas suppliers 

No formal background on energy regulation is required. An educational background in engineering, economics or law is strongly recommended.  

Participants will receive a response regarding their admission after the registration deadline. 

  • Electric power and gas systems: Structure, organisation and functioning
  • Theory and principles of regulation and competition
  • Models of regulation. Restructuring of the electric power and gas industries
  • Regulatory institutions and national regulatory authorities
  • Regulatory economics: Monopolistic activities and approaches to price control
  • Regulatory economics: Competitive activities
  • Quality of service in electricity and gas
  • Energy systems and the environment
  • Traditional regulation of energy utilities
  • Electricity transmission and distribution networks
  • Gas networks
  • Electricity markets: wholesale and retail
  • Gas markets: wholesale and retail
  • Tariff design
  • The legal framework and legal cases in EU energy regulation
  • Environmental regulation

The registration fee is 4,700 EUR.

The registration fee covers:

  • The two residential training modules in Florence plus the 12-weeks online close guidance and direct interaction with the module leader
  • Access to the accompanying online platform during the residential weeks
  • Access to the material and interactive session discussions with the instructors of the 12 online lessons of Block II
  • Besides the intensive daily training sessions, the residential modules include:
    • Coffee breaks and lunch
    • A guided tour of Florence
    • A visit to Castello di Trebbio in the Chianti region of Tuscany for a wine tasting session and dinner
    • Shuttle transportation between Florence city centre and the training venue every morning and back in the afternoon
    • Group dinner
  • A certificate of Excellence, Completion or Attendance
  • A copy of the book “The Regulation of the Power Sector”, Springer, ISBN 978-1-4471-5034-3, authored by the Training Director, Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, the most comprehensive reference on the topic in e-book format (a 167 EUR value). For an additional 20 EUR, students can receive a printed version of the book directly from the publisher.
The Learning Approach
Interactive tools
Digital tools and simulation activities involving the participants are put forth to enhance the discussion and the learning experience
A Q&A session follows each lecture in order to clarify the main concepts and to stimulate active discussion
Group work
Group work activities based on real-life cases are implemented to facilitate the learning outcomes, foster collaboration, skills and competencies of participants
Blended learning
This course combines face-to-face teaching with distance learning methods and hands-on practice
Course Faculty

Where participants come from

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Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga introduces FSR Energy Annual Training course

The most comprehensive training on the regulation of the energy sector In Europe. Developed by regulators specifically for National Regulatory Authorities and the regulatory affairs departments of energy companies.

What Participants say about this course

I greatly enjoyed the chance to meet with, and interact with, so many people from across Europe and beyond, with a range of experiences. I think having the opportunity to do this as a newcomer to the regulatory world is incredibly valuable. Participants and instructors were very welcoming, both during the course sessions and also on the social side.

Richard Hibble - Graduate Analyst - Ofgem

I would say that the course is perfectly balanced. The contents are very well explained and the chances to share our experiences and knowledge with "colleagues" from all over the world have no price!

Participant of the 2018 Edition

I have really enjoyed the course and the topics. It has been super getting to know my new colleagues and share perspectives on how they do things in their countries.

Participant of the 2018 Edition

Course Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. And able to explain complicated subjects thoroughly.

Participant of the 2018 Edition
Course in numbers

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