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The INNOPATHS final conference “Innovation pathways, strategies and policies for the low-carbon transition in Europe” is scheduled on Monday 31st May (10:00-16:15 CEST) and Tuesday 1st June (10:15-16:15 CEST).


The transition to climate neutrality in Europe will require deep structural changes to the full range of energy, economic and societal systems. These changes, and their economic, social and environmental implications, must be examined and understood if policymakers are to take the best decisions possible to achieve this overarching objective.

For the last four years, the INNOPATHS project’s partners have been working with stakeholders from government, academia and civil society to understand issues ranging from the dynamics of low-carbon innovation, policy frameworks and finance, to the implications for labour markets and equity from the transition. Using this knowledge, new, state-of-the-art low-carbon pathways for the European Union have been created and modelled. This final conference will share key insights from the project with a wider audience, and discuss their meaning and implications for Europe and EU member states in the coming years.

The conference will be chaired by Paul Ekins – OBE (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources & Project Coordinator) and by Simone Borghesi (Director of FSR Climate). The event will hold presentations and discussions on following topics:

  • Technology development and innovation dynamics; their policy and other drivers, and co-benefits
  • Decarbonisation and equity, with a focus on European labour markets and the broader social implications of the transition
  • Financing the transition; including the role of public funds, low interest rates and the European Green Deal
  • Key requirements and implications of our new pathways for a low-carbon Europe; and the differences implied depending on which pathway emerges from policy action and wider developments
  • Policy priorities and knowledge gaps; including a panel session with a series of European policy experts and practitioners, to conclude the conference.

This event is part of the official All4Climate – Italy 2021 programme. 


The project INNOPATHS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No. 730403.

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Jos Delbeke
School of Transnational Governance - EUI


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