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In a time of high natural gas price volatility, the EU is preparing for a hard winter, by filling its storage and trying to reduce its consumption by 10-15%.  

Beyond that, the EU aims to develop new sources and routes of reliable supply. The US is already a major producer of natural gas, but no pipeline connects it to the EU. Can increased exports of natural gas in the form of LNG help mitigate the energy crisis and prevent the supply shortages caused by the disrupted flows of gas from Russia?  

FSR faculty members Jean-Michel Glachant (FSR Director) and Alberto Pototschnig (Executive Deputy Director) will discuss the issue in depth with US gas industry and affairs expert Peter Hartley, professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and President of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).  

Host: Jean-Michel Glachant and Sofia Nicolai (FSR)  

Invited guest: Peter Hartley (Rice University)  

Discussant: Alberto Pototschnig (FSR)  



  • Introduction and initial speech by the guest speaker: Jean-Michel Glachant and Peter Hartley (15’)  
  • Discussion with Alberto Pototschnig and Sofia Nicolai (15’)  
  • Q&A with the audience (15’)
  • General conclusions by Peter Hartley (5′)


Relevant resources: 



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