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Securing Europe’s Energy Future”: Join us for the first instalment of this quarterly theme in the FSR Insights series

Sebastian Zwickl-Bernhard from TU Wien will share his expert perspective on the evolving dynamics of LNG trade and the geopolitical challenges we anticipate by 2040. Drawing from his recent study, co-authored with Anne Neumann, he will highlight key findings on market integration, supply chain disruptions, and strategic shifts among major LNG players.

The discussion will address crucial aspects such as the influence of emerging markets, technological advancements, and policy responses to geopolitical tensions. Through concrete examples, Dr. Zwickl-Bernhard will illustrate how factors such as regional conflicts, technological breakthroughs in LNG extraction and transportation, and shifts in regulatory policies shape LNG trade flows, highlighting their direct implications for global energy security.

Experts Anna Cretì from Université Paris Dauphine, Anouk Honorè from OIES, and James Kneebone from FSR will provide their insights and critiques on the presentation. Moderated by Marzia Sesini and Nicolò Rossetto from FSR, the session will invite audience participation, encouraging a dynamic and engaging dialogue.

Keynote speaker

Sebastian Zwick-Bernhard | TU Wien


Anna Cretì | Université Paris Dauphine

Anouk Honorè | OIES

James Kneebone | FSR


Marzia Sesini | FSR

Nicolò Rossetto  | FSR



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Marzia Sesini
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