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With the winding down of the current Commission, thoughts are moving to ‘what should be the priorities for the next Commission’s mandate?’

This question is coming at an important time, where many observers argue that the EU’s current approach is ‘under fire’ and that the ‘Fit for 55’ package has placed challenges for EU industry that threaten our competitiveness. Indeed, the Commission has already suggested that the ‘Industrial Green Deal’ will be a forthcoming priority.

A Panel of two former Energy Commissioners- Miguel Arias Cañete and Andris Piebalgs– and two former Deputy Directors-General of Energy of the Commission – Christopher Jones and Klaus-Dieter Borchardt – will debate this question, and try to suggest some priorities.

Catharina Sikow-Magny, the DG ENER Director for Green Transition and Energy System Integration of the European Commission will act as moderator, and ask questions, including those from the audience.

Questions to be addressed by the Panel will include:

  • How should the next Commission/Co-legislators approach the EU’s 2040 GHG target? What are the consequences for EU citizens and industry of this?
  • What new legislative initiatives should be taken to make sure that the EU meets 2040 target (and indeed the 2030 one)?
  • Do we already need a 2040 RES target?
  • How should the ETS and CBAM be revised during the next Commission?
  • What should the EU do to ensure the competitiveness of its industry? What could the ‘Green Industrial Deal’ be?
  •  Do you expect the EU’s GHG, RES and energy efficiency 2030 targets to be met? If not which ones, and what should be done to put us back on course?
  •  What next for buildings?
  • Is the EU’s hydrogen policy ‘fit for purpose’? What needs to be done?
  • The Carbon Management Strategy now needs to be implemented – what should the Commission propose in concrete terms to kick-start CCUS?
  • Should the EU ‘roll-back’ its technology specific target-driven approach to energy policy.? If so, why and how?
  • Should the EU put a price on methane emissions?

Join us for what will surely be an entertaining and informative debate!

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