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Finance is widely seen as an obstacle to a better world. In this online seminar, Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will explain how the financial sector can be mobilised to counter this inevitability. As is documented in Prof. Schoenmaker’s recent book (D. Schoenmaker and W. Schramade, Principles of Sustainable Finance, Oxford University Press, 2019), using finance as a means to achieve social goals one can divert the planet and its economy from its current path to a world that is sustainable for all.
After describing the sustainability challenges, the seminar will show how investors and bankers can steer funding to sustainable companies and projects without sacrificing return and thus speed up the transition to a sustainable economy. Further, the seminar will analyse the Sustainable Development Goals as a strategy for a better world and will provide evidence that environmental, social, and governance factors matter, describing in detail how to incorporate these factors in the corporate and financial sectors.


Dirk Schoenmaker | Professor of Banking and Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Kinanya Pijl | Researcher, European University Institute


Jean-Michel Glachant | Director, Florence School of Regulation

An open discussion will follow.


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