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EU power transmission industry is facing a revolution – or a tsunami. This challenging threat is for three simultaneous shake-up(s):

  • Achieving the EU single market
  • Decarbonising “à la COP21”
  • Disruptive wave of digitalisation and high-tech innovation

The EU power transmission enters a brand new world which has not been foreseen by the former three ‘’single energy market” packages.

Join the FSR online debate to discuss where the European power system and transmission networks are going to and what are the biggest challenges and alternatives for the EU power regulation and governance.


  • Jean-Michel Glachant (Florence School of Regulation)


  • Daniel Dobbeni (Founding president of ENTSO-E & Chairman of GO15)
  • Jorge Vasconcelos (Former regulator of Portugal, co-founder of CEER & Advisor to FSR)
  • Bente Hagem (Statnett & ENTSO-E)

Following the FSR Research Report on the future role of electricity TSOs, our 5-page policy brief highlights the main constraints which are likely to be faced in the upcoming years. 

Download the policy brief

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