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FSR online debate in collaboration with the SmartNet Project

Ancillary services from distribution: how to manage the revolution?

Moderated by:

  • Nicolo Rossetto (FSR)


  • Marco Rossi (SmartNet, RSE)
  • Daan Six  (SmartNet Project, Vito/Energy Ville)
  • Carlos Madina (SmartNet Project, Tecnalia)

An open Q&A will follow.

In the very near future, distribution and transmission systems will have to cope with an increasing amount of intermittent renewable generation.

Who should manage the ancillary services distributed energy resources (DERs) are potentially able to provide?

The deployment of DG, ICT and more active consumers are changing the way distribution grids are planned and operated. It is a revolution that represents both a challenge and an opportunity. New technological and regulatory solutions must be developed. We will discuss and compare the different possibilities with the team of the SmartNet Project.

SmartNet is a 3-years research project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme dedicated to the analysis of the TSO-DSO interaction to enable ancillary services provision from distributed energy resources.

FSR & SmartNet join #EUSEW2017!

This online event has been conceived as an Energy Day event and organised in the context of the Sustainable Energy Week.

Learn more about the Energy Days.

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