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SEE Regional Conference 2016

The Florence School of Regulation is partnering ENTSO-E in the organisation of the South Eastern Europe Regional Conference, taking place in Thessaloniki (Greece), on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

The third and last appointment of the ‘Regional Tour’ will engage relevant stakeholders from the policy, industrial and academic sectors to address the main challenges of South East Europe (SEE)’s electricity field with the aim of fostering their cooperation within and across the region. Reinforcing regional cooperation in markets, planning and operations is in fact essential to achieve the Internal Energy Market (IEM) and deliver the benefits of the Energy Union to its citizens.

The Conference will thus investigate how to overcome the current market fragmentation in favour of more liquid cross-border markets in the region; and consequently analyse which regional infrastructures are needed, how to attract sufficient investments for their development and how to optimise their usage. A special focus in the debate will also be given to the potential for TSO-DSO cooperation, smart grids and data management in the SEE region.

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Ilaria Bellacci
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Thessaloniki, Greece

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