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The online debate gathers experts, academia and policy makers. It will be introduced by Susanne Nies on the state of play of energy poverty in the EU, but also active customers in the EU, moderated and commented by Leonardo Meeus, FSR. A Q&A with the audience will follow, for a total event duration of 1 hour’15.



The Clean Energy package for all Europeans rightly emphasizes the central place of the customer, for who dynamic prices are needed, and who should be empowered to participate in all markets. The active customer can be seen as the modern and digital citizen, supportive to the energy transition, keen on participating in change. However, around 11 %[1] of the EUs 510 million inhabitants are energy poor, vulnerable, and expect from new legislation to protect them, as energy is a public basic good.  Some governments claim regulated prices to be the solution to address energy poverty. But avoiding price signals will prevent from active customers to rise.

  • Are measures for active customers negative for vulnerable customers?
  • What about other incentives for ending energy poverty?
  • Is the newly established energy poverty observatory a good step on the EU fight against energy poverty?
  • What targeted approach is suitable and what models do we see in EU?
  • What are the provisions for active and for vulnerable customers in the new package?
  • What should be emphasised in addition?
  • What are best solutions to end energy poverty and vulnerability of customers?


  • Anna Colucci, Head of Retail, DG ENER
  • Anne Vadasz Nilsson, Vice President, CEER
  • Branislava Marsenic Maksimovic, ECRB Natural Gas Expert, Energy Community Secretariat
  • Elizabeth Errington, Senior Policy Researcher, Citizens Advice
  • Theresa Griffin, MEP

Introduction and moderation

  • Leonardo Meeus, Professor at Vlerick Business School and FSR
  • Susanne Nies, ENTSO-E

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[1] See EC study 2015 on energy poverty

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