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The biochar system presents itself as an exceptional negative emis­sions technology (NET) in that it can readily provide multiple public goods at relatively low cost as well as multiple private goods related to the use of biochar as a soil amendment and other possible uses. Appropriate financial reward of greenhouse gas (GHG) removals, as well as of soil carbon restoration, would likely propel the diffu­sion of the biochar system. But which policy instruments should be used to reward GHG removals produced by the biochar system and other NETs? Arguably, setting specific targets for emission reductions and for removals, rather than aggregate targets for net emissions, would help address this ques­tion as well as avert the risk of delaying either emission reductions or removals.

In this online event hosted by Leonardo Meeus, we will discuss how the EU should incentivise GHG removals with a  view to its long-term climate mitigation targets. The biochar system as a NET provides a useful case for reflecting on this question.



  • David Chiaramonti (Polytechnic of Turin)
  • Paul Ekins (University College London)
  • Sabine Fuss (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change)
  • Stefano F. Verde (Florence School of Regulation – FSR Climate)


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The biochar system in the EU: the pieces are falling into place, but key policy questions remain (FSR Climate policy brief)


The series focuses on the insights from the FSR research.  These online events will give the FSR researchers the chance to share our research findings and to collect feedback on ongoing research by engaging with the audience and invited experts.


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