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FSR Talk with Prof. Nicolas Petit, EUI

We all see that Big Tech companies and platforms – notably the American Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc – have built powerful positions from which they never stop expanding. Netflix is another blatant demonstration. It begs the questions:

  • Will Education, Health, even Public Government routine (as car registration & monitoring for road conduct enforcement) follow the same way to ‘’Moligopoly’’?
  • Is this consequential for the rest of the economy and society? And why?
  • What could be done to get it better or safer?

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Nicolas Petit is Professor of Competition Law at European University Institute in Florence. He works on the issue since 2017, took his 2018 sabbatical at Stanford, and made it into a book: “Big Tech & The Digital Economy: The Moligopoly Scenario” (Oxford University Press, October 2020).
Wednesday 13 January, 2pm CET, in this FSR Talk, Petit will discuss his views with professors EricBrousseau & Jean-Michel Glachant. Participants will have a chance to intervene directly in our online Q&A.
Access is fully free, upon registration.

Prof. Nicolas Petit, European University Institute


Prof. Eric Brousseau, University Paris Dauphine


FSR talks is a series of live interviews with experts from the wider network of the school to showcase and discuss a recent work (a book just published, interesting study, innovative project) in a light and interactive way.


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