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Towards a common vision for European electricity markets?

The Florence School of Regulation is partnering EPEX SPOT in the organisation of the ‘European Power Market Summit’ taking place in Brussels on 5th and 6th October 2016.

The conference initiated with an opening speech delivered by Jean-Michel Glachant, FSR Director and Co-Chair of the event and followed investigating the latest evolution, the integration and innovation of the European power systems and markets.

The recent increase in renewable production, the growing decarbonisation trend and the implementation of a new regulatory framework have in fact triggered an intense transformation of European power markets – leading them to explore new possibilities and innovative solutions concerning renewable energy’s trade, demand response, balancing or storage resources.

The event was attended by more than 100 high-level stakeholders of the European energy market such as suppliers, TSOs, National and European Regulatory Authorities, Power Exchanges and many others.