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The Net Zero Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (NZCMPD) brings together regulators, policymakers, academics, and stakeholders from different carbon markets worldwide on a yearly basis.   The NZCMPD stands as a unique process for a fruitful exchange on carbon market development and integration related to net zero targets, regulation, development, and integration of carbon markets.  A background report from LIFE COASE team will feed into the discussion at the policy dialogue and provide a basis for a fruitful discussion.  

This years’ policy dialogue will focus on the social dimensions of emissions trading systems (ETS), competitiveness and carbon leakage and current trends on ETS in the world. The NZCMPD is organised under the framework of the project, LIFE COASE – Collaborative Observatory for ASsessment of the EU ETS and it will build on the previous Carbon Market Policy Dialogue established under the predecessor project LIFE DICET. It informs the Florence Process organised by the European Commission as an exchange platform among ETS regulators.  

The event is the first of three policy dialogues organised over the course of the LIFE COASE project which aims at supporting policymakers in the implementation and development of the EU ETS, including its integration with other carbon markets. The project will establish the first observatory for assessment of the EU ETS, to offer a reference source of knowledge for policymakers and researchers and pave the way for future research and policies on emissions trading.    A key element of the project is to support international cooperation on carbon markets between the EU and partner countries, building on the recent agreement reached at COP26 in Glasgow on the Article 6 framework

Participation is by-invitation only.  

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LIFE COASE is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union

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