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The Inaugural Board Meeting of the new Journal “Competition and Regulation in Network Industries” edited by Sage will take place at the European University Institute in Florence on June 16th, 2017. The meeting will follow the 6th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures, which becomes the annual conference of the Journal as of this year.  

“We are building on the 16-year tradition and strength of the existing Intersentia Journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, yet strive to evolve it into an even higher quality Journal. We will address the increasingly urgent challenge of governing (including regulating) complex and dynamic socio-technical systems (e.g., energy, transport, water, communication, urban systems) so as to make these systems more efficient, sustainable and resilient. In particular, we will take into account the fact that digitalization is rapidly pervading all infrastructures.

Network industries are caught between technological developments, evolving competition and regulation. At the same time, significant innovations – especially in the field of ICTs – offer new opportunities for infrastructure operations and governance. Exploring this combined technological and institutional dynamics between competition and regulation provides a fascinating field of research that challenges academics, managers and policy-makers alike.

The Journal welcomes submissions and engages in a collaborative discussion with the authors to produce the highest possible quality articles. Articles can be submitted anytime and will be double-blind peer-reviewed. After acceptance, articles are published online on a rolling basis. 4 paper issues are published each year, containing each 4 to 6 articles.”



To learn more about the Journal and the possibility to submit your paper for review, please follow the guidelines.

Download the list of board members and managing team.

Villa La Fonte
Via delle Fontanelle, 18
San Domenico di Fiesole, Firenze 50014

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Nadia Bert


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