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Flexibility in electricity markets and networks

The EU Clean Energy Package includes many new provisions related to the use of flexibility in electricity markets and networks, and the EU debate on flexibility is accelerating in the last weeks:

In this event, we will share the latest FSR insights on the flexibility debate.

Watch the recording:

We will be focusing on issues like:

    • If we curtail demand to solve grid congestion, what is the correct level of compensation?
    • If we make distribution network tariffs increasingly cost-reflective, will that increase or decrease the potential of demand-side flexibility procurement?
    • How far do we want to go in flexibility market product standardization, technology neutrality, and locational tagging?


The event will also include a panel of regulators who will share their country perspectives on these topics.

  • Jørgen Tjersland (NVE-RME)
  • Pauline Ottoy (VREG)

This interactive session will include a Q&A and polls for the audience.

The event will be recorded and live-streamed on our social media channels.

Key references:


We acknowledge the financial support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 project INTERRFACE (grant agreement No 824330).

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Jørgen Tjersland
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