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Following the initial broad discussion on the rail industry during our first workshop, held on 9 April 2010, we are now focusing specifically on the aims, the models, and the powers of rail regulators.


Indeed, rail regulators and their powers are key elements of the rail market of the future. This is recognized also in the proposal for the recast of the 1st Railway Package adopted in September by the European Commission: regulatory supervision is one of the points that the recast aims to address.

Keeping to one of FSR’s guiding principles, namely stakeholder involvement, this specialized workshop will feature presentations from railway regulators, regulated railway companies (both transport operators and infrastructure managers), and of course representatives of the European Commission. and the European Parliament. One of the sessions will specifically address the question of performance, as any regulation and regulator must ultimately be to assessed against precise performance objective. The day will conclude by a look beyond the European borders, namely the regulation of the Japanese railway system. The day will be opened, closed, and moderated by Matthias Finger with the aim of fostering discussion and exchange among all participants.

For more information please contact  FSR.transport@eui.eu

Villa La Fonte
Via delle Fontanelle, 18
San Domenico di Fiesole, Firenze 50014
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