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This is the first Forum on intermodality and we want to start out by focusing it on urban public transport. In the urban context, numerous modes of transport are active, namely buses, metros, trams, trains, and even taxis. Current regulation of public urban transport is scattered among various actors depending on transport modes and ownership.

The urban public transport landscape is thus characterized by overlapping and at times competing jurisdictions, different types of ownership and thus incentive mechanisms, as well the existence of various regulatory authorities, which may regulate access, tender public service obligations, grant licenses and others more.
Yet, urban public transport requires interconnection and overall system management, be they technical (e.g., standards), commercial (e.g., ticketing), operational (e.g., timetables), financial (e.g., transfer pricing), or political (e.g., subsidies).

This first Intermodal Forum seeks to identify and lay out the main regulatory challenges in intermodal urban public transport:

  • What are these challenges?
  • Who should be the problem owners in terms of policy-making (at which level?), ownership, and regulation?
  • And what role would regulation have to play exactly in order to address these challenges?

For more information and registration please contact FSR.transport@eui.eu


Final Programme

Summary of the presentations


Introduction to the 1st Florence Intermodal Forum. Urban Mobility Systems: Regulation across modes – MATTHIAS FINGER

The view of the European Commission – KEIR FITCH

Integration without Regulation: The Warsaw Case – MACIEJ FLORCZAK

Urban Mobility Systems: The View of UITP – BRIGITTE OLLIER

Buses, Coaches and Taxis – The Smart Mobility Choice – OLEG KAMBERSKI

Urban Road Pricing and Public Transportation – ANTONIO RUSSO

Innovation in Sub-Urban and Regional Railway Passenger Transport – LAURENT GUIHÉRY

Urban Mobility Systems: The View of DB – MARKUS KSOLL

Urban Mobility System: The View of SBB – MICHAEL SÜNDER

Intermodality, innovation, entrepreneurship and new modes – DIDIER VAN DE VELDE


Villa La Fonte
Via delle Fontanelle, 18
San Domenico di Fiesole, Firenze 50014

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Nadia Bert

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