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Maria Salvetti

Scientific Adviser of the Water Area

Maria Salvetti is an Environmental economist. Maria joined the Economics of Public Private Partnerships chair in La Sorbonne University in 2013 where she works as project manager to set up a European working group on economic regulation of the water sector, in partnership with the Florence school of regulation.

Previously, she worked as chief economist for the French national agency for water and aquatic environment (Onema), and produced the first report on water services performance which was presented during the World Water Forum in March 2012. She also worked on several environmental and socio-economic studies required by the European water framework directive (WFD). From 2008 to 2010, she worked for the largest water service in Europe (SEDIF) providing economic and financial advice in the preparation of the service management contract. She was also a principal economist for Seine Normandy water Agency (France) and the Environment Agency (England & Wales). Since 2002, she has worked on WFD economic appraisal: cost-recovery analysis, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and distribution analysis. During this period, she was also in charge of the Seine Normandy water price and services research institute and was involved in a twining project with Polish river basins to share her knowledge and experience on WFD economic appraisal implementation.