FSR Annual Conference on Climate 2019

On 28-29 November 2019 FSR Climate has held its 5th Annual Conference on the Economic Assessment of European Climate Policies at the European University Institute in Florence. The conference gathered renowned experts and young scholars to analyse existing climate-related policies at EU, national and sub-national levels. The plenary sessions of the conference covered a number of topics including Energy Efficiency, Renewable policies, Environmental taxation, and Emissions trading. 


Chaired by Simone Borghesi, Director of FSR Climate, the conference saw the intervention of Keynote speaker Jeroen van den Bergh (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and VU University Amsterdam) who presented his work about “A transition to global Carbon Pricing”.


At the conference, Director Simone Borghesi spoke about the importance of Carbon Pricing as a corrective measure to mitigate the effects of climate change. He also made a statement about the European Parliament recent resolution announcing a Global Climate Emergency and called for collaboration between researchers and policymakers in delivering concrete policy change.

Find out more about the topics covered in the conference and watch the interviews with our plenary speakers in the videos below.


Energy efficiency


Matthieu Glachant (MINES Paristech) presented: Selling energy and saving energy – The industrial organisation of energy savings obligations.


Renewable policies 


Natalia Fabra (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid) presented her work about Competition among renewables.

Environmental taxation


Stephen Smith (University College London) presented: The more the merrier? Potential and pitfalls of instrument combinations in climate policy

Emissions trading


Luca Taschini (Grantham Research Institute LSE and University of Verona) presented his work: Emissions trading systems, cap adjustments and the Market Stability Reserve


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