FSR Annual Scholarships 2022: Meet the recipients!

Testimonials from our training courses

Last year, we launched the third edition of the FSR Annual Scholarships, which awarded 21 free seats in our training courses to promising, up-and-coming energy professionals.

The scholarship was meant to train and upskill a new generation of students and juniors in the energy sector on a wide range of topics.

The courses for which we awarded free seats were: Annual Training on the Regulation of Energy UtilitiesClean Molecules for the Energy TransitionEU Gas Network CodesEvolution of Electricity Markets in EuropeExecutive Course to Master Electricity Markets; Loyola Autumn Research School; Specialised Training on the Regulation of Gas MarketsRegulation of the Power SectorSummer School on Regulation of Energy UtilitiesThe EU Green Deal; Electric Vehicles;Regulation for Sustainable Development Goal 7



The scholarship has been a pivotal milestone in my professional journey, serving as both a validation of my past efforts and a springboard into my future endeavors. It has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to take the course without the burden of financial stress, which in turn has allowed me to dedicate myself fully to professional development.
Salome Janelidze

Ivan Ordoñez

The scholarship has allowed me to stand out professionally by having foreign training on topics that are recently being introduced in Peru.


Damilola Adeyanju

The course has significantly bolstered my confidence in contributing to discussions surrounding the EU Green Deal. I now possess a deeper understanding of the intricacies of sustainable policies and their implications, which has been instrumental in my ability to engage constructively in dialogues related to this vital initiative. One notable achievement stemming from this newfound expertise was my recent participation as a panelist in a session dedicated to the EU Green Deal. This experience not only allowed me to share my insights and knowledge but also underscored the practical applicability of the course in a real-world context. Overall, the course has been a game-changer for my professional growth, empowering me to play a more active and impactful role in advancing sustainability initiatives and participating in discussions that shape the future of the EU’s environmental policies.


Mykhailo Semka

The scholarship has served as a gateway to educational programs and institutions (like FSR) that I might have otherwise overlooked due to financial constraints. This newfound accessibility has significantly broadened the horizons of my academic and professional journey. Moreover, the scholarship’s recognition of my potential has been a powerful boost to my self-confidence. It has not only invested in my education but also empowered me with unwavering determination and a deep belief in my own capabilities, propelling me towards the pursuit of my goals.


Primrose Vurayai

The scholarship has significantly expanded my professional network. I have had the privilege of staying in close contact with the peers I collaborated with on the Germany Policy Paper during my scholarship. This ongoing connection has not only enriched my understanding of global energy policies but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaborations with peers of same vision.


Strahinja Obrenović

Receiving the FSR Annual Scholarship not only facilitated my in-depth exploration of EU gas market regulation and its development but also afforded me the unique privilege of engaging in meaningful discussions on this subject with esteemed experts in the field.


Aksam Mukhtar

The scholarship aided me in my research on capacity markets and afforded me networking opportunities within the energy sector by enabling my participation in the in-person course at FSR.

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