FSR Annual Scholarships 2021: Meet the recipients!

Last year in November, we launched the first edition of the FSR Annual Scholarships which awarded a total of 18 free seats in our training courses to promising, up-and-coming energy professionals.

The scholarship was meant to train and upskill a new generation of students and juniors in the energy sector and in a wide range of topics.

The courses for which we awarded free seats were: Annual Training on the Regulation of Energy Utilities; Clean Molecules for the Energy Transition; EU Gas Network Codes; Evolution of Electricity Markets in Europe; Executive Course to Master Electricity Markets; Specialised Training on the Regulation of Gas Markets; Regulation of the Power Sector; Summer School on Regulation of Energy Utilities; The EU Green Deal.

Our partner, Landwärme sponsored two seats in the Clean Molecules for the Energy Transition course which were assigned to two women: Alessandra Porcari and Onyeka Gabrielle Mbanulisi.

The scholarship was successful in mustering different perspectives and bringing together an online community of peers that exchanged innovative ideas and solutions to complex energy problems in our fast-pacing, ever-changing sector.

This year we are reviving the Scholarship with more seats and a renewed sense of purpose. As a training institution, we commit to making careers and training in the energy sector more accessible and inclusive – for students and young professionals in Europe and globally.

Discover more on the second edition of the FSR Annual Scholarships.

In reckoning with the experience of our first scholarship, we asked our winners what motivated them to apply for the scholarship, what they stood to gain from the training and what their ambitions are for their future professional endeavours.

The recipients of the FSR Annual Scholarship 2021, gave structured feedback on the quality of our training courses and shared what elements they appreciated the most about their learning journey with us:

Alessandra Porcari | Clean Molecules

The course topics perfectly matched my PhD research project about the regulation of the hydrogen supply chain. The course also helped me to improve my technical skills and to get a more comprehensive knowledge of the clean molecules market. What I appreciated more about the course was the speakers’ different backgrounds: EU energy regulators and representatives of the EU institutions, energy stakeholders and FSR professors and researchers.

Maciej Bernard Plotka | The EU Green Deal

First of all, I really appreciated the intuitive platform of the training course and the possibility to adjust the learning time to your professional activity (different levels of certification), however, the most tangible part were the live classes with the practitioners and the best specialist in the given area. When it comes to topics, I believe that the programme covered all the most absorbing elements like security, sustainability and accessibility in the energy sector. Moreover, the above-mentioned „trilemma” was presented in the context of Green Transition. However, the current geopolitical situation and energy crises provoked, for me, the most interesting part concerning the security of supply.

Olusola Hafeez Gbangbola | Summer School on Regulation of Energy Utilities

The courses are challenging with insights from engineering, economics and regulatory perspectives. Also, the members of the faculty are household names in their respective fields which makes the interaction and feedback lively and relatable.

Noemi Mauro | EU Green Deal course

The EU Green Deal helped me fill the gaps and organize the scattered ideas I had in my mind regarding Europe and its plans for a Green transition.


Our recipients also spoke about the role the scholarship and the courses had in shaping and boosting their career prospects:

Onyeka Mbanulisi | Clean Molecules for the Energy Transition

The traditional Energy landscape as we know it is changing. This change as we know is driven by climate and sustainability concerns. What used to be one Energy source is fast becoming a system of several energy sources with one aim at sustainability. It becomes therefore imperative that regulators of the traditional Energy reinvent themselves and acquire transferable skills that can help a smooth transition.
Prior to the course, I never understood what it would entail achieving a circular economy in relation to the energy mix. I also wasn’t sure what role regulators could play in terms of developing sound technical policies, regulations and guidelines that will drive the energy industry. This course has opened up my mind to a world of possibilities for regulators.

Ege Bartu Simsek | Regulation of the Power Sector

[The course developed me professionally] in that I was able to interact with many people who are actively working in the regulated sector. The readings in the forum discussions were a particular mind-opening experience. Even more, the lectures and live sessions were tailored around a topic that is not offered in standard degrees; I was happy to be part of these lectures!

Chidera Okeke | Regulation of the Power Sector

I decided to apply for the scholarship because as an aspiring power attorney I wanted to improve my knowledge of the role regulation plays in the power sector.
The course helped me secure internships at top energy law firms in Nigeria. And during my internship [the knowledge gained through the course] has made my work stand out.


Some recipients were more concerned about the ways they will apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired through training to their day-to-day and the specific situation of their countries of origin:

Rebeccah Kyomugisha | Regulation of the Power Sector

Having had experience in the technical side of energy systems, I applied for this scholarship opportunity to learn more about other aspects of regulation, especially the role of transmission and distribution and electricity markets, and distributed generation.
The course provided a new perspective on the complexities of energy markets, especially in a world where energy security is now crucial. Also, as an Engineer, and someone passionate about energy transitions in Africa (especially), I appreciated the role of reforms and policies contributing toward CO2 curtailment. The final paper, live classes, and expert panel sessions provided an opportunity to learn from several examples worldwide.

Kristina Lazarova | Evolution of Electricity Markets in Europe

I applied for FSR Scholarship in order to understand the new developments in the energy market and get a grasp of its (r-)evolution in times of constant crises.
I acquired up-to-date knowledge that broadened my understanding of the current energy market design and its further development. It helped me directly in my daily work as I switched careers and became part of the National Electricity Company (Sofia, Bulgaria) as Head CEO Office.

Yanming Ren | The EU Green Deal

I believe the course “The EU Green Deal” is the best opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest EU climate policy and it will help me contribute to the exchange of China and the EU towards the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Check out the new edition of the FSR Annual Scholarships and send your application!




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