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This webinar by the FSR Energy Innovation Area will explore whether bioenergy still an emerging area in research and innovation.

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There is much evidence that bioenergy research and its learning pathways are closely linked to the scientific achievements in molecular biology and related fields. In fact, scientific collaboration among countries is still increasing, combining traditional knowledge areas, like anaerobic fermentation with emerging research fields like synthetic biology, algae and the current use of molecular biology to develop microorganisms.

However, innovation demands the articulation of many layers, including decisions related to environmental concerns and logistics, and the most relevant of all, the competition from other energy areas.


Questions to discuss:

Why does it seem that the technological advances in bioenergy are not enough to spur innovation? Lack of scientific knowledge, the emergence of new challenges in scaling up, the efficiency of engines to use advanced fuels or the lack of willingness to pay for reducing environmental impacts?

What is the role of new emerging alternative energy sources?

What is the role of national policies and how new networks be generated between stakeholders aiming to reduce environmental impacts and simultaneously improve wellbeing?

Finally, what is the role of country specificity to bring together all the different aspects of the bioenergy evolution? Should Brazil keep investing in bioenergy research?  Can scientific cooperation provide complementary knowledge to  “isolated countries”  or does the interest of technology developers play a key role in those processes?

An open Q&A session will follow.


About the speakers:

José Maria F. J. da Silveira

Agronomist, Phd in Economics (Unicamp), Full professor in microeconomics and economic of innovation at State University of Campinas, Researcher of the National Council of Scientific Development- CNPQ and member of the board of International Consortium of Applied Bieconomy Research- ICABR. Major interest areas: innovation in agriculture and agribusiness, agribusiness chain value, bioenergy, social networks and agent-based modeling. Articles published in Research Policy, Scientometrics, Economics Bulletin, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, among other indexed journals.

Miguel Vazquez

Miguel Vazquez is the Head of the FSR Energy Innovation Area. Visit his profile here.

Chiara Canestrini
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