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This online seminar will delve into the role of lawyers and the legal system in the relationship between transmission system operators and regulatory authorities in the EU. We will explore how recourse to the wider European legal framework – the juridification of the process – plays into the interactions and cases between TSOs and ACER/ NRAs. In light of the rising number of appeals in relation to ACER decisions, how should  any potential conflict-solving be navigated and with what tools?

Does the role of law in the governance of these relations risk overstepping the mark or does it provide a useful structure through which to manage these relations? How can the right balance be struck? And how can consensus be reached in such a scenario and meaningful cooperation between the regulators and the technical expertise on the part of the TSOs be established, maintained or, where necessary restored?

Together with a panel of experts, we will examine the development around several recent cases – the legal context, the roles and responsibilities of the parties – and consider how to facilitate a greater level of efficiency, trust, and cooperation between the parties in the face of legal challenges.

Note this workshop is a closed workshop, which is exclusively open to FSR donors, members of regulatory authorities, ACER or ENTSO-E, or upon invitation only. If you would like to attend but do not meet this criteria, or if you have not received an invitation, please get in touch with us.

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