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Energy Law & Policy Workshop

While the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU remain to be seen, the possible realities of Brexit are beginning to unfold.

With an EU Energy Union determinedly focused on harmonisation and deeper integration across Member States, unravelling the EU’s ties with the UK presents considerable challenges in uncharted territory. To date, the UK has played a significant role in influencing the EU’s energy policies and has been at the forefront of liberalisation initiatives. 

  • How might the EU redefine its energy agenda without the UK? Furthermore, with everything to play for, how will a self-determined UK establish itself in the energy market?

This workshop will focus on the complex issues Brexit poses from both a legal and economic perspective, and examine what may happen in the interim period, across three themes.

Session I │ The Impact on the UK Energy Market

This session will consider the impact it will have on the market, especially in areas such as electricity and gas trading, interconnectors, nuclear and RES policies, and how these will be navigated in the transition period.

*Access the slides from the session by clicking on the speaker below

Michael Pollitt 

Gordon Downie 

Angela Hepworth

Clara Semal 

Paul Hallas 


Session II │ The Impact on the EU Energy Market

This session will look at the Winter Package and the UK’s Electricity Market Reform policy and consider how the priorities of the EU and the UK may differ. How will the UK’s exit affect market integration initiatives, such as market coupling, cross-border capacity mechanisms, and the development of network codes? From a policy perspective, what will happen to environmental and nuclear policies? What will be the impact upon the EU ETS?

*Access the slides from the session by clicking on the speaker below

Lawrence Slade

Kai Uwe Pritzsche 

Anouk Honore 

Fabien Roques 

Luca Taschini 

Wolfram Vogel 

Session III │ The Impact on Competition Law and Policy and Enforcement

This session will examine the effects of Brexit on competition and State aid enforcement. Outside of the EU’s control, what kind of industrial policies and State aid measures might the UK pursue? What will be the impact on energy disputes and arbitration? Will the English courts be more or less attractive for arbitration? And what will happen in the interim period?

*Access the slides from the session by clicking on the speaker below

Ali Nikpay

Johannes Koepp 

Lorenzo Coppi 

Peter Willis 

Matthew Levitt 

For the complete set of slides see here

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