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EU gas and electricity prices have increased rapidly over the last few months and reached unprecedented levels. While the recent energy price dynamics reflect current market conditions and have little to do with the future energy transition, they provide an opportunity to reflect on the most appropriate market design to support this transition.

In this FSR Talk, we will discuss with the authors of the recent FSR publications on the topic:



Alberto Pototschnig, Deputy Director for Policy Affairs

Ilaria Conti, Head of FSR Gas

Enrico Tesio, DFC Economics


  • Welcome and Intro to the papers: Alberto Pototschnig (10’) and Ilaria Conti (10’)
  • Polls with the audience and comments by the speakers (20’)
  • Q&As (15’)


Live interviews with experts from the wider network of the school to showcase and discuss a recent work (a book just published, interesting study, innovative project) in a light and interactive way.

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Ilaria Conti
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Alberto Pototschnig
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Enrico Tesio
DFC Economics


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