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In this episode of FSR Talks, we will be discussing consumer empowerment in the energy transition with the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and the European Commission.

Specifically, our discussants will cover the activities of the ‘Working Group on Consumer Engagement’ of the 13th Citizens Energy Forum, with a focus on the availability and quality of sustainable ‘green offerings’ in gas markets.


The second half of 2021 has seen record energy prices across the EU and beyond. This has contributed to a reconfiguration of energy markets, with fewer energy suppliers and a higher level of consumer interest to tackle rising energy costs through their choice of suppliers and tariffs. Although this period has placed considerable stress on consumers, suppliers, and governments alike, it has also created the conditions for engagement on the issue – contributing to an inflection point for evolution.

Guarantees of Origin (GO) for electricity have become quite well established in the electricity sector following the Clean Energy Package (CEP), allowing consumers to opt for renewable-only electricity through their choice of tariff or supplier. These offering are often price competitive with other non-renewable tariffs, and have proven increasingly popular in recent years, demonstrating to energy suppliers the appetite for such services. Similar offerings are emerging in the gas sector, but at a slower rate and with unique challenges. If consumers are to be empowered to leverage their agency in the energy transition, they need credible, transparent, and accessible means to do so.

In light of the upcoming 13th Citizens Energy Forum taking place in December, imminent EU legislation on gas market decarbonisation, as well the prevailing energy market conditions – the current circumstances are arguably an opportune moment to capitalise on momentum towards consumer engagement. The Working Group on Consumer Engagement looks to bring together key stakeholders on these issues, and this FSR Talks session will be an opportunity to examine the activities of the group in more detail, as well as discuss the subject in its broader context.

Hosted by Ilaria Conti, Head of FSR Gas


Natalie McCoy, CEER

Achille Hannoset, European Commission

A Q&A with the audience will follow.


Live interviews with experts from the wider network of the school to showcase and discuss a recent work in a light and interactive way.

Hosts: Prof. Jean-Michel GlachantIlaria ContiSwetha Baghwat

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