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The European Commission and EU transport ministers have set themselves ambitious targets for road safety for the coming decade: to halve the number of fatalities and the number of serious injuries on European roads by 2030.

A crucial factor in the road safety equation is speed. About one third of crashes are at least partly caused by excessive or inappropriate speed. The risk to be involved in a crash when speeding well above the limit or driving too fast for the conditions is 12.8 times higher than for non-speeders. And higher speed crashes cause far more damage than lower speed ones.

Rules and regulations on speed differ between EU Member States. But as driver assistance technology like Intelligent Speed Assistance is becoming commonplace thanks to EU regulation and as many European cities are learning from their peers across the EU about lowering speed limits and accompanying infrastructure measures, it is time for a closer look at speed at European level.

This seminar will bring together academics and practitioners from across the EU to discuss all aspects of the “factor speed”: vehicles and technology, infrastructure design, speed limits and enforcement, as well as links with sustainable mobility (emissions, air quality, noise).

Please kindly note that this event is by invitation only.


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