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This FSR online debate will explore the Baltic gas challenges and developments. We will focus on EU policy targets implementation in the region, highlighting major issues of the energy transition and of penetration of new gases.

The Baltic region is making significant progress in developing a functioning regional natural gas market, expanding and integrating the related infrastructure, and ensuring the security of supply.

However, there are multiple factors—at the national, regional, European and even global levels—that prevent this from becoming an ideal market capable of delivering greater security at a reasonable cost. Liquidity of the market is low due to falling consumption; state aid and state participation in the energy enterprises discourage private investments and distort market conditions, while geopolitical tensions between the West and Russia add further complications.

In this online debate, Watch the recording

Moderator: Andris Piebalgs


  • Margot Loudon  (Eurogas)
  • Andrei V Belyi  (University of Eastern Finland)
  • Juris Ozoliņš (Amber Grid)

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‘Download the report: Stepping on the Gas’

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