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The Airspace Architecture Study (AAS), published in March 2019, set out a proposal for a future Single European Airspace System (SEAS) underpinned by optimised airspace organisation, progressively higher levels of automation and the establishment of common ATM data services, enabling seamless cross border air traffic service provision. The vision outlined in the AAS report (pictured in the figure below and proposed to be implemented by 2035) requires operational, technological, organisational and regulatory changes to the existing SES architecture.

Whilst the AAS focused on the operational and technical dimensions of the proposed future ATM architecture, a number of questions remain open in terms of regulatory aspects and service delivery arrangements (‘framework dimensions’).

The framework dimension, including the regulatory framework and the service delivery models, constitute the enablers without which the proposed future vision cannot be realised. Hence, the Commission has taken further action to explore and address the related aspects critical for the future SEAS, by launching a study in October 2019 on the legal, economic and regulatory aspects of ATM data services provision and capacity on demand as part of the future European air space architecture. Subsequently, a major stakeholder engagement workshop was held in Brussels in November 2019, to inform all stakeholders about the scope and timing of the study, and to allow for key stakeholder groups to provide initial inputs to the study. In addition to this, a dedicated civil-military workshop was also organised by the European Defense Agency, in involve military and defense dimensions from early on.

With the study work now well underway, this workshop aims at providing the experts from different stakeholder groups with an overview of the first findings and results, as well as generating valuable discussions regarding the most important aspects of ATM data services.

More specifically, the workshop would seek to explore the following topics:

  • Scoping and definitions of ATM data services;
  • Costs and benefits associated with ATM data services;
  • Future strategies of potential players of an ATM data services market;
  • Economic regulation and other regulatory aspects.

Please note that this event is an online workshop and by invitation only.

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Irina Lapenkova

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