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Europe’s electricity markets are regulated in detail via network codes, guidelines and terms and conditions or methodologies (TCMs). TCMs are an extensive set of binding rules that fill out the details of the system operation and market guidelines. However, they can be made at national, regional or European level. What does the sum of the adopted TCMs mean for harmonization, or for the possibilities to tailor rules to fit national or regional context – and what does this mean for delivering an internal electricity market in Europe? 

The workshop presents results from the INC project, led by the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and with Florence School of Regulation among the research partners. The interdisciplinary workshop will take place physically in Florence 12-13 October, and will present initial findings from the INC project. Importantly, the purpose of the workshop is to facilitate an open discussion among interested stakeholders and researchers on the regulation of the European electricity market, and to take stock of the many, detailed rules in the broader context of EU governance and integration. 

On day 1 (starting at noon), the workshop will discuss the evolving rule of ACER, and consider the governance of the electricity sector in comparative perspective to examine whether the rulemaking process – decision-making by EU agencies and rulemaking processes involving private actors to supplement overarching EU legislation – is unique to the electricity sector or part of a broader European trend. On day 2 (starting in the morning), the workshop will take stock of the adopted TCMs to discuss the impact for overall harmonization and diversity of electricity market regulation in Europe, and look ahead to implementing and adjusting the rules and governance framework amid major challenges and changes in the energy sector. 

Participation is open to everybody but subject to registration and availability of seats. 

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Research Briefs

  1. The evolving role of ACER: emergence, practice, and review of the TCMs 
    By Torbjørg Jevnaker, Leigh Hancher and Karianne Krohn Taranger
  2. Electricity rulemaking in perspective: comparing the TCM procedure with other sectors 
    By Eva Ruffing, Selma Schwensen Lindgren and Torbjørg Jevnaker
  3.  Stocktaking of the adopted TCMs – towards harmonization or diversity? 
    By Torbjørg Jevnaker, Simon Fink, Karianne Krohn Taranger, Hermann Lüken genannt Klaβen and Per Ove Eikeland
  4. Implementation and adjustment ahead: Enforcing, applying, and revising the TCMs during transition and crisis
    By Torbjørg Jevnaker, Marie Byskov Lindberg and Catherine Banet

About the INC project 

“Implementing Network Codes” (INC) is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research funded by the Research Council of Norway and Norwegian stakeholders (2020-2024, grant agreement no.308855). The focus of INC is the implementation of EU electricity market laws, specifically the rulemaking process for TCMs mandated by the market and system operation guidelines, and how this impacts the integration of the European electricity market. An international team of scholars from political science, law and economics work in close collaboration with industry experts, user partners and other relevant stakeholders. 

For further information, get in touch with rscas.conferences@eui.eu

Villa Schifanoia – Sala Europa
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Florence, 50133 Italy

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