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FSR Online Talk with Pradyumna Bhagwat and Samson Hadush

Dive in deeper in our new online course: Electric Vehicles: a power sector perspective!

This specialised 5-week online course is specifically designed for professionals who wish to address the power sector challenges posed by the ever-growing number of EVs on a global scale. Learn more and save your seat!

About the Online Event:

The rapid growth in EV uptake required to reach India’s policy targets will have to address two major challenges. The first challenge is ensuring the deployment of the charging infrastructure required to serve the needs of the ever-growing number of EVs. This raises two questions:

  1. What policies and regulatory frameworks are required to enable the efficient deployment of charging infrastructure?
  2. What business models can reach sufficient coverage of charging infrastructure that meets the needs of the EV user?

The second challenge is the integration of the EVs into the power system securely and efficiently. This raises two questions:

  1. How can the potential impacts of the additional EV load in the power system be managed?
  2. How can the flexibility potential of Vehicle-to-X (V2X) be unlocked?

Join Pradyumna Bhagwat and Samson Hadush to explore the toolbox consisting of solution choices and recommendations to tackle these issues.

More from our knowledge hub:

In our February Topic of the Month series, FSR Global shared an overview of the current status Electric Vehicle’s (EV) sharing the Indian Perspective, insights from the Spanish EV observatory, a regulatory perspective on how the LAC power sector is gearing up for the EV revolution and early experiences with V2X (vehicle-to-everything) in practice.

You can also download a copy of our detailed report or policy brief “Charging up India’s electric vehicles: infrastructure deployment and power system integration” on the rapid growth in EV uptake in India and the challenges the country will have to address to meet its policy targets.

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