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FSR Talk with Christopher Kardish and FSR Climate

This FSR Talk aims to present the International Carbon Action Partnership’s report “Carbon Leakage and Deep Decarbonization: Future-proofing Carbon Leakage Protection” through a conversation with one of the authors, Christopher Kardish.

The report published in June 2020 provides a review of current efforts to assess the risk of carbon leakage and address it with relevant policies to strengthen decarbonization efforts in light of net-zero emissions targets. While more and more countries pledge to decarbonize by mid-century (EU, USA, Japan, and South Korea) or by 2060 (China), the implications of future climate regulation on industry competitiveness should be evaluated, and the tools to combat carbon leakage could be assessed and eventually aligned across jurisdictions.

Christopher Kardish is a Carbon Markets Advisor at International Carbon Action Partnership and adelphi, specialised in emissions trading, market mechanisms, and climate finance. He analyses emissions trading systems (ETSs) for the Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), as well as contributing to its research papers, technical dialogue, and knowledge sharing activities.

In this event hosted by Jean-Michel Glachant, Simone Borghesi and the FSR Climate team will discuss with Christopher Kardish the main findings of the above-mentioned report. 


Read the report:

Carbon Leakage and Deep Decarbonization: Future-proofing Carbon Leakage Protection, ICAP, 2020

Learn more:

The impact of the EU emissions trading system on competitiveness and carbon leakage, S. Verde


FSR talks is a series of live interviews with experts from the wider network of the school to showcase and discuss a recent work (a book just published, interesting study, innovative project) in a light and interactive way.

Hosted by: Prof. Jean-Michel GlachantIlaria ContiSwetha Baghwat

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