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Jointly organised by the FSR Energy Law and Policy Area and Bundesnetzagentur, the German regulatory office, the forum will focus on the emerging energy market design.


Watch Nadia Horstmann from Bundesnetzagentur giveng an insight into the topics discussed at the conference

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161028 8th FSR & BNetzA Forum on the Legal Issues of Energy Regulation


The workshop will open with a keynote address from Professor Michael Pollitt on the future of the European single market for gas and electricity. This will be followed by four sessions which will address; 

  • The Emerging Electricity Market Design
    • This session will discuss of the forthcoming market design and the push toward the integration of renewables, reserve and balancing markets in this new context, and the effect of market coupling on competition and regulation. It will also assess the issues facing DSOs in the market and include a round-table debate on the increased interaction between DSOs and TSOs. 

  • Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms
    • The focus of this session is the Commission’s state aid inquiry into national capacity remuneration mechanisms. Their findings will be presented and subsequently reviewed from both a legal and economic perspective.  
  • Governance of the Electricity Market Design
    • This session will consider the Commission’s new governance proposal for the energy market design, including discussion of ACER’s roles and the perspective of both regulators and ENTSO-E on what lies ahead.
  • Why don’t EU consumers switch? 
    • The final session will examine the EU energy consumer, with a particular focus on the role of switching and data management. 


Keynote Address

Session 1: The Emerging Electricity Market Design

Session 2: Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms

Session 3: Governance of the Energy Market Design

Session 4: Why Don’t EU Energy Consumers Switch?


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