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Work towards the Single European Sky is currently proceeding with the recent nomination of Eurocontrol as the Network Manager, the implementation of the FABs to be completed by the end of this year, performance objectives for RP1 to be met, and work towards RP2 ones launched in June 2011.

Performance-based regulation is new to the air sector. Actors have to work in a new environment joining efforts to meet FAB or network level targets, while also looking at their own ones.  This requires coordination among multiple stakeholders -who sometimes have conflicting interests- as well as the will and the institutional arrangements for stakeholders to work together. For example, actors need to set up ways to complement each other in meeting performance targets.

Recently the Performance Review Body published its assessment of National/FAB Performance Plans stating that “these Performance Plans collectively are not too far from the EU-wide targets” and that this “constitutes a very solid and encouraging base”. How can actors move forward and how can the necessary efforts in meeting the performance targets be coordinated?

The 3rd Florence Air Forum aims at bringing the relevant stakeholders to the table and discuss the problems that arise along the implementation process of the SES and its performance objectives. We aim to have a constructive debate kicked-off by the following questions:

  • Does current performance-based regulation actually drive performance improvements?
  • If collaboration is the only way to reach the performance targets, then how can this be achieved under the current institutional framework?
  • Or will stakeholders concentrate on their own targets to the detriment of FAB or network ones?
  • Who is taking risks and the burdens and how are those going to be credited? And ultimately: who is responsible for what?
  • How can the stakeholder work effectively with the network manager? Should the network manager also have targets set for him?
  • What will be the role of the charging regime regulation

For more information please contact FSR.transport@eui.eu


Final Programme

Summary of the presentations


The Single European Sky – how to achieve its performance? – MATTHIAS FINGER

A view from SESAR Joint Undertaking – FLORIAN GUILLERMET

A view from EuroControl – ALAIN FOURNIÉ

A view from the Military – VIRGINIO BERNABEI

Performance Based Work and Its Impact on Workforce – MARC BAUMGARTNER

A view from the Danish and Swedish FAB – MORTEN DAMBAEK


A view from the ANSPs – TAMÁS ZSOLNAY


A view from Air Berlin – HERMANN LINDNER

A view from Schiphol Group – ILONA CROMMENTUIJN

Academic Contribution (University of Trieste) – LORENZO CASTELLI

Academic contribution (Cranfield University) – PERE SUAU-SANCHEZ

Villa La Fonte
Via delle Fontanelle, 18
San Domenico di Fiesole, Firenze 50014
David Kupfer


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