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Governance Arrangements and Market Structure

In 2020, the Florence School of Regulation produced a paper highlighting municipal solid waste (MSW) key data and challenges in Europe in terms of institutional setting, market characteristics, funding arrangements and current situation against MSW EU targets, underlining recent waste generation and treatment trends, and looking at future capital and operational expenditure required to reach MSW EU targets and the associated financing options.

The same year, two online events were held, gathering regulators, operators, professional associations, researchers, policy-decision makers, and financing institutions who shared their views on the current and forthcoming challenges of the sector.

It is time to consolidate this dialogue and work stream into a “European Platform on MSW Regulation and Governance” that will address key regulatory and governance issues, and thus contribute to pave the road for the necessary reforms and changes to successfully implement the EU Circular Economy Package.

To contribute and ensure a high-level and independent debate and research on economically and socially sound regulation and governance, the EU Platform on MSW Regulation and Governance will continue to gather a variety of stakeholders including regulators, operators, local authorities, the European Commission, academics and researchers, EU financial Institutions, etc.

The first meeting of the EU Platform on MSW Regulation and Governance will be held virtually on 16th November from 10am to 12:30pm and will focus on governance arrangements, cost analysis and market structure of the MSW sector in Europe with contributions from researchers, NGOs, regulators, and operators.


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