Energy Innovation: FSR in Seoul with M. Vazquez

On 2-4 July 2018, Miguel Vazquez (FSR Energy Innovation Area) will participate in the 17th ISS Conference of the International Schumpeter Society held in Seoul, Korea.  

The biennial conference is hosted by the Seoul National University under the theme of innovation, catch-up, and sustainable development.

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Two papers will be presented:

  • Institutional dynamics in an economy seen as a complex adaptive system
  • The role of institutional learning in technology adoption: The case of solar PV in Brazil (together with Gustavo Andreão and Michelle Hallack).

Energy Innovation

The Energy Innovation Area at the Florence School of Regulation, launching in September 2018, focuses on the interplay among innovation, energy and climate policies. The new area will a platform where academics, regulatory institutions and market players can exchange views and practices that allow implementing mechanisms in accordance with the future policy goals in the electricity industry.

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