A word from FSR Energy Women

For International Women’s Day, the FSR Lights on Women initiative wants to ‘shine a light’ on the FSR Energy team.

On daily basis, they are contributing to improve and to spread sound energy policy and regulation, using a multidisciplinary approach, their expertise…. and a pinch of creativity!

We asked them to answer a simple question: What do you like the most about working at the FSR and in the energy field?


Ilaria Bellacci

Donor Relations Coordinator

FSR is a thriving and forward-thinking hub of ideas… how could you not like it? I love the way the School continuously evolves, reflecting its team’s growing expertise and competences. I believe this is what makes FSR unique in its kind. Only by empowering and allowing people to evolve, can we ensure a sustainable energy transition and not getting caught by surprise from the future.


Swetha RaviKumar Bhagwat

Head of FSR Global Relations

Coming from India, I learnt a lot from Europe — regarding its culture, diversity, education system, knowledge seeking pathways etc. As part of the FSR global program, I am trying my bit to share and facilitate knowledge exchange with the EU, a benefit that I cherished and continue to cherish.


Jessica Dabrowski

Digital Learning & Communications Specialist

What I cherish most about the FSR are the endless opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. Over the past 3 years, I have felt the freedom to craft my own path while working alongside the FSR’s dynamic and diverse team and our community of energy professionals. The FSR truly practices what it preaches and instills the desire and motivation for life-long learning and knowledge building and sharing in everyone who crosses its path.


Lucila de Almeida

Visiting Fellow

FSR is one of the few academic environments in which I feel that neither my gender nor my nationality are barriers to entry; only my efforts and capabilities. It lives up to its values.


Christine Lyon

Administrative Assistant

It has been 8 years already that I have been working for the Florence School of Regulation as administrative assistant and I still find this workplace inspiring and stimulating. Great Director and colleagues. An unique work environment to experience team work!


Patrizia Musina

Administrative Assistant — FSR Conferences

Sharing the FSR — Energy mission is the key… and since 2013 I am honored to contribute to the pursuit of a cleaner and more renewable world making its events happen…


Maria Olczak

Research Associate — FSR Gas

It comes as no surprise, but what I like the most about the FSR is the people — they’re inspiring, hard-working and very diverse — that’s why we’re such a good team! I found working in the energy field challenging, since it touches the whole spectrum of areas — economics, engineering, law, politics, sociology (and even psychology!) — but this is what makes it so exciting.


Mara Radulescu

Training Coordinator

Being part of a unique knowledge hub that contributes to the shaping of the most challenging energy topics of modern society on a global level is a very rewarding experience. Most of all, I appreciate the holistic approach of the FSR in tackling topical issues such as energy transition, the role of RES , access to energy and cybersecurity. All current developments are investigated through high-level policy debates, researched upon thoroughly and transmitted to all actors in the field via in-depth training courses featuring top international experts.

I also cherish the great team spirit at the FSR. Working in an international, forward-looking and motivated team is priceless as I believe that a tightly-welded team is the key to innovation through collective leadership.


Lavinia Tanase

Research Associate — Energy Union Law

I really like the FSR because it is not only a multinational, multilingual study-hub, but also a gateway to the policy making of EU’s institutions, Governments and market players. Since I believe that energy is simply something we can’t do without, and the well-functioning of the internal market is of paramount importance to our good sleep at night, I am pleased to canvass the implementation challenges of market legislation for the wider audience. I am super proud to be one of the researchers who create, share knowledge and who may contribute to change through education.

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